Protecting Patient Health Information in Florida

Vanessa Reynolds and Stephen Siegel, members of the Firm’s Health Law Practice Group, are the editors of “PROTECTING PATIENT INFORMATION IN FLORIDA.” Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Siegel have prepared this publication in order to provide our clients, colleagues and other parties involved in Florida’s health care industry with a resource compiling Florida’s laws governing the privacy and security of individuals’ health care information.  These statutes cover a range of subjects from blood alcohol testing to psychiatric records, and include references to business records that may not be traditionally considered patient health information. 

While there has been a great deal written about HIPAA-HITECH, health care providers in Florida cannot overlook the State’s efforts to protect patients’ health care information. Like HIPAA-HITECH, Florida’s laws are “strict liability” statutes. Unlike HIPAA-HITECH, however, the concepts of “scalability” and “floor” are not part of Florida’s scheme for protecting the records; strict compliance is required. 

PROTECTING PATIENT INFORMATION IN FLORIDA” is intended to be used in conjunction with the HIPAA-HITECH regulations. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this publication, or have any questions or concerns regarding these or any of the other statutes and regulations that are relevant to the health care industry in Florida, please feel free to contact Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Siegel or any other member of our Health Law Practice Group.

Please click here to access the publication.

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