The Need for More Data Analytics Professionals in South Florida

By: Paul R. DeMuro

Increasingly around the country and in South Florida, employers and other stakeholders are looking to hire data analytics professionals who can critically analyze data to help them grow and manage their businesses and to be more effective. Although there are quite a number of computer science and engineering programs, and even some informatics programs in South Florida, the skills that many employers are looking for increasingly are in the areas of data science and data analytics.

When I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan a few months ago on the campus of tiny Calvin College (less than 4,000 students), I noted the school had offerings in both areas. When I met with the President of Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in Southern California (less than 1,400 students) a few weeks later, I was advised that CMC was developing an interdisciplinary computer science program, focusing on data analytics. CMC is seeking to equip students in the liberal arts with the ability to critically analyze data in their chosen fields.

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